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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First off, apologies for the placeholder. Like many people, I got caught with my pants down this year, since I though I'd have a few more days to edit my letter before assignments went out. I'm banging it out tonight to make up for it, but please overlook any formatting mistakes or embarrassing autocorrects that I missed. (Seriously, you should see what my computer keeps trying to do with Csevet's name . . .)

That said, thank you for writing me a story! Please don't stress about your assignment. I'm laid back and easy to please, and I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you come up with. All of these fandoms are very dear to me, and I would be thrilled to see a story in any of them. I've included prompts for each fandom because I know some writers prefer them, but feel free to ignore them if you've got another idea. Like I said, I'm easy.

Likes: In general, I prefer character-driven stories that are strongly based in canon. I enjoy world-building and plot, but I also get a kick out of your garden-variety fanfiction tropes. I especially love hurt/comfort, bed sharing, huddling for warmth, pretend!relationships, loyalty, and power dynamics. If you're bored, feel free to check out the list of 101 favorite kinks, tropes, and devices I posted a few years ago, but please don't feel obligated to read it. As far as rating goes, I'll happily read anything from G-rated gen to kinky smut. Just please check out my DNWs below.

Dislikes: Setting is a huge part of what attracts me to my various fandoms in the first place, so I'm not a fan of most AUs. Non-con between my OTPs is also a DNW, although I love dub con like burning. I'm a bit squicked by a huge focus on bodily fluids or gore. I'm kind of hit or miss when it comes to kid fic and pregnancy -- in general, the fluffier that kind of story is, the less likely I am to enjoy it.


The Goblin Emperor

  • Maia Drazhar
  • Csevet Aisava

    The Goblin Emperor is a novel by Katherine Addison. Maia, the half-goblin youngest son of the elvish emperor, grew up regulated to a backwater estate until a mysterious airship accident left him the only surviving heir to his father's throne. As the new emperor, Maia must overcome both his ignorance of political intrigue and his lack of self confidence if he is to survive, let alone rule.

    Request Details: Friendship fic or slash are both awesome for these two. I would love to see fic exploring the ramifications of Csevet's rapid rise in station and/or on Maia's dependence on him.

    Last spring, I finally listened to the audiobook after hearing so much about The Goblin Emperor in fannish spaces. I finished it in the space of a few days, and then promptly went back to the beginning and listened to it again. And then one more time for good measure. I fell in love with the world of this novel, and especially with Maia and Csevet.

    Maia is just so good, and so endearingly sweet and broken at the same time. Normally, I'm not a big fan of woobies, but I spent most of the novel just wanting to give him a hug. As for Csevet, I, like Maia, found myself impressed by his quick mind and ruthless organization. However, each time I ended the novel, I found myself with more questions about him. For a courier to become the emperor's right-hand elf seems (almost) as big of a leap as a half-goblin bumpkin taking the throne. Csevet must have faced repercussions from nobles, other secretaries and servants, and even jealous friends amongst the couriers. I found myself wondering if Csevet, like Maia, might occasionally be in over his head, even if he is too composed to show it. I also think Maia's dependence on Csevet will lead to all sorts of complications down the road. Will Csevet find himself strained between loyalty to Maia and previous ties to the couriers? Will others try to drive a wedge of mistrust between them in order to gain more access to the emperor? Will nobles protest Maia's faith in Csevet?

    In Goblin Emperor fic, I adore layers of formality and informality, court dress and manners, and gratuitous steampunk devices. If you decide to go the shippy route, I am also cool with variations of Maia/Csevet/Csethiro, although I would prefer the relationship focus to be on Maia and Csevet.

    Prompts (if you want them):

  • Somebody is blackmailing Csevet, possibly over his sexual orientation. He either tries to hide it from Maia or else confesses, prepared to resign.
  • Csevet gets framed for a crime against the emperor. Perhaps Maia believes whole-heartedly in his innocence, but must set him aside during the investigation for political reasons, with much guilt on his part and quiet stoicism on Csevet's. Or maybe whoever frames him manages to put a sliver of doubt into Maia's heart, leading to much angst from Csevet and then more from Maia when he realizes his mistake.
  • Close and constant proximity leads to an inadvertent slip into the informal on one of their parts when they're both sleep-deprived and half-loopy from exhaustion. Either way, a more real friendship begins to develop between them, possibly growing into more.

    Kuroshitsuji (2014)

  • Lin
  • Genpou Shiori

    Kuroshitsuji (2014) is a live-action movie based on the anime/manga, except that 13-year-old Ciel has been replaced by 17-year-old Shiori (who spends most of the movie pretending to be a boy) and it takes place in near-future Japan instead of Victorian England. Also, Shiori has a maid named Lin, who is an abject failure as a maid, but a 100% competent with a gun in her hands.

    Request Details:The chemistry between Shiori and Lin was my favorite thing about the Kuroshitsuji movie, so I would love a story focusing on their dynamic. Femslash would be amazing if you're up for it. Otherwise, I would love a story exploring Lin's backstory and her loyalty to the Genpou family.

    When I heard they'd made a live-action Kuroshitsuji movie without Ciel, I was dubious. He's my favorite character in the anime and manga. But the chemistry between Shiori and Lin made this movie for me! The moment Lin's glasses hit the floor and the guns came out, I went from "meh" to "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" It hit my competence kink and my loyalty kink in one double-blow, and I loved, loved, loved that brief moment we saw of Lin dressed up as Shiori's date! Plus, Shiori in drag is fucking hot. *fans self*

    On a less shallow note, I'm also curious about Lin's backstory. Something set during Shiori's absence would be interesting, as would more history between Lin's family and the Genpou family. World-building would also be lovely. I can't quite wrap my head around the near-future setting. Feel free to include Sebastian, but please keep the relationship between him and Shiori platonic.

    I feel a little guilty requesting this again because I got an absolutely AMAZING fic in this fandom last year. What can I say? I'm greedy for more.

    Prompts (if you want them):

  • Shiori and Lin undercover as a couple. Bonus points for Shiori in drag! Extra bonus points if they are somewhere seedy and have to make out in order to fit in.
  • Hurt/comfort or recovery fic where Shiori takes care of Lin, much to Lin's embarrassment and Sebastian's disapproval.
  • Angst on Lin's part. Presumed dead fic, during the time Shiori was kidnapped, maybe, or Lin finding out about the contract between Shiori and Sebastian.

    Long Live the Queen

  • Elodie

    Long Live the Queen is a video game available on Steam. Princess Elodie has just returned home from boarding school after her mother's untimely death. Your job is to keep her alive for a year, until her coronation at age 15. It's a hard job.

    Request details: Elodie is the only character I asked for, not because I don't want any of the others, but because she's my favorite and I want to see more of her. I'm down with femslash, het, or world building gen.

    DNW: Elodie/Evrard, Elodie/Adair, Elodie/Julianna or Elodie/Alice. Any other pairing is A-OK.

    One of my favorite things about this game is how many ways you can shape Elodie's personality. I love watching a naive princess transform into a brilliantly competent queen, whether she's a spymaster, a general, an economist, or an athlete. The outfit achievements always make me smile. But whether she wears a tuxedo or a ball gown, Elodie always strikes me as a fundamentally likable character, despite her occasionally cruel actions. She is trying her best and she wants what's best for the nation, no matter what her skill-set each round looks like. (I would prefer you not to take the overly cruel route for Elodie -- I really do prefer her well-intentioned.)

    I also love how her evolving skill set shapes Elodie's relationships with the people in her life. The family dynamics in this game are fascinating, with the balance of power between Elodie and her father, and all of the hidden secrets with her aunt and uncle. The friendship between Elodie and Charlotte always makes me smile. I'm also intrigued by Elodie's relationships with the girls at school, especially Briony.

    The many opportunities for love in Elodie's life also make me happy. Of course, I love the canon femslash options, but I would also be down for het. Since the biggest draw for me is seeing how Elodie interacts with each of her potential partners, I'd be down for any pairing in this fandom, except for the ones listed in my DNWs. I tend to favor Elodie/Brin, Elodie/Briony, and Elodie/Talarist, although I see possibilities in the way Banion tries to manipulate Elodie at the ball. I'm also intrigued by Elodie/Sabine.
    Prompts (if you want them):

  • The intersection of politics and romance! Elodie ingesting about whether to follow her heart or go for a practical option. Elodie finding herself falling in love with a spouse she married for purely political reasons. Elodie wondering if her suitors are really interested in her, or just her title.
  • World building! I would love to see the aftermath of the events mentioned in the game. The kraken? The power of music ending? The printing press and hospital? The old palace in the woods? Any of the little tidbits we learn in Elodie's classes? I love Nova and the surrounding kingdoms and would love to see more.
  • Porn! Characters losing virginity is a kink of mine, and Elodie has so many opportunities to get deflowered. I would love to see anything from sweet, clumsy exploration with the suitors her own age to skillful seduction by one of the older suitors. You could also take it kinky and get her classes involved somehow. I'd love to see advanced classes in composure that require Elodie to keep control while her instructor eats her out, or lumen sex magic, or presence lessons involving BDSM. Also, there are legit tentacle monsters in the forest.

    Stardew Valley

  • Sebastian
  • Sam
  • Abigail
  • Male Player

    Stardew Valley is a farming rpg, in the same vein as the Harvest Moon games. The player/farmer leaves a soul-crushing job in the city for beautiful Stardew Valley after inheriting grandpa's old farm. There, your farmer will tend crops, care for animals, fish the fresh waters, forage for wild food, mine for minerals, and befriend (or even romance) the townsfolk of nearby Pelican Town.

    Request Details: I'm fascinated by the friendship between Sebastian, Sam, and Abigail. I'd love to hear more backstory about any of them, or more about how the farmer's arrival changes their lives. My farmer ended up marrying Sebastian, so that's my OTP for this fandom. But I could also see Sebastian/Sam, Sebastian/Abigail, or some kind of love triangle or OT3.

    I sold this game to my niece as a cross between The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and The Farming Game. When I played A Link to the Past as a little girl, my favorite part was always exploring Kakariko Village. I always wished I could talk more to the villagers, really get to know them. Twenty some years later, Stardew Valley made that wish come true. This game ate the last few weeks of my summer, and I can't even bring myself to feel bad. I'm addicted to these characters.

    My farmer (I named him Ethan, but call him whatever you want) ended up marrying Sebastian, and that's my OTP in this fandom. My farmer pretty much exists to feed Sebastian sashimi. But I'm also fascinated by the friendship between Sebastian, Sam, and Abigail, and like I said in the prompt, I can see multiple potential shipping combinations between the three of them. If you have a favorite, feel free to go for it. Either way, I'd love to hear more backstory about the three of them, or more about how the farmer's arrival changes their lives.
    Prompts (if you want them):

  • Exploring the mines! I'm a huge fan of hurt/comfort, so I would love it if somebody passed out/got hurt in the mines and the other(s) came to the rescue.
  • Daily life in Stardew Valley! Sam's band finally coming together and playing at the tavern. Sebastian smoking and being morose. Abigail still being just a little bit bitter about the overgrown fields. Little moments of jealousy, especially when the farmer enters their lives.
  • Family tension. Abigail learning about her true parentage. Sam dealing with his dad coming home. Sebastian's strained relationship with his parents and Maru. Any of them growing up a bit after moving out of their parents' houses.
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